Favourite Books and Blogs

For your viewing pleasure, please find enclosed some of my favourite people, websites and books. Enjoy!

Health and Fitness

  • Article: Exercise is the magic pill—a great summary from the Harvard Magazine on the pervasive power of exercise, and our cultural reluctance to move on it.
  • Precision Nutrition—highly reputable, evidence-based nutrition and fitness information. Whether you're unsure about cod liver oil supplmentation, the Paleo diet or periodised training just try Google'ing precision nutrition <topic> and they'll likely have written about it. They also create a lot of great infographics, such as in their template to building the perfect meal.
  • For mobility, flexibility and strength work that's fun and doesn't require a gym, check out GMB.io. Their Elements program is a brilliant online course that I really enjoyed. They also have a lot of well-written articles.
  • The book that got me hooked on running was Born to Run. Even if you aren't particularly interested in long-distance running, it's an incredibly told story that's hard to put down.


  • Book: Show your Work! by Austin Kleon. A short book of excellent advice on getting your creative work out there, and particularly on sharing your creative process rather than just presenting your final product.

Cool People


  • Book: Mindfulness in Plain English—this is usually what I recommend to people who are interested in Vipasanna, or insight meditation. A wonderfully written "nuts and bolts, step-by-step" meditation manual. You can read the original version online for free.

Alcohol-Free (AF)

  • Book: The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray. A witty, honest, non-preachy reflection on drinking and the joy of dropping it. The reason I'm currently part way through a Sober Spring.
  • Sober Punks—A sweary alcohol recovery blog written by a Yorkshireman.
  • Want to go down the rabbit hole? This article explores some of the lesser-known health risks of alcohol consumption, and reveals the layers of confusion that have been thrown over it by the alcohol industry: Did Drinking Give me Breast Cancer?


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