Hello September 🍁

It's been a busy few weeks on the blog!

Bonus: I wrote a blog for the mental health charity, Mind. I talk about anxiety and how running has helped my mental health.

What I've Been Doing

What I've Been Reading

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The Geek's Guide to Weight Loss

  • I have a huge amount of content drafted on weight loss and nutrition. Some will make its way to the blog, but I'm also considering writing a bigger guide, tentatively named The Geek's Guide To Weight Loss. Interested? I knocked up a very minimal landing page: add your email to stay updated and let me know what you'd want to see in it!

New Purchase

  • A friendly t-shirt:

One Ask

  • If you like anything you read on how to human being, please share it! It's a couple of clicks that really helps me. Building an audience is tough going and anything you can do to send another curious pair of eyes in my direction is hugely appreciated. If you run your own blog/website, you could even add a link to how to human being. What an incredible human you would be then—be sure to reply to this email letting me know so I can effuse further gratitude in your direction.


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