Seven blessings friends,

First off, a big thank you to everyone who supported me as I ran my first 100km along the Cotswolds. We raised over £1200! It was bloody hot.

New on how to human being

  • Of course, race reports! Part 1 deals with my training preparation for running 100km, along with everything I learned about running in the heat 😅
  • Part 2 is a hill-by-hill account of how the race actually went. It was my first Top 10 finish! 🏅
  • Finally, I jotted down my Lessons From 3 Months Without Booze, following on from my Sober Spring.


I put together a visual comparison of my weight and running progress over the last two years. Click the image for more numbers.

#TransformationTuesday Dan Bartlett ultra runner

What I've Been Reading

  • How Froome Fuelled. I love reading about the training & nutrition of elite athletes. Team Sky recently released a treasure trove of information on Chris Froome's Fuelling during his Giro D’ltalia win, as part of the attempt to prove his now confirmed innocence. There's lots to look over, but check out the meal plans which include 1305g of carbs. In a day. They also do some amazing power output calculations to total up the amount of carbohydrate required for each climb. Also detailed is Frome’s crazy resting heart rate of 32 bpm!
  • Ryan Holiday on 3.1 Lessons On The Way To 31: "Turning 30 is a big milestone. Turning 31, by comparison, is rather unremarkable. You’re not old. You’re not young. You’re just a person."

What I've Been Listening To

New Purchase

  • SIS Beta Fuel. Staying on the Chris Froome theme... SIS have released a new product they claim was largely responsible for his now legendary attack that won him the Giro D'Italia. This is the drink that's listed as "Rocket" on the above notes, released by Team Sky. 80g of carbohydrate per serving 😮


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