how to human being is one-man exploration of what it means to live well, and the principles, models and rituals that can get us there.

My writing stems from several sources:

  • A voracious reading habit
  • An obsession with self-experimentation
  • 15 years of programming
  • 10 years of meditation
  • 5 years of startups
  • 1 year of ultra-endurance

Who am I?

My name is Dan.

I am a writer, meditator, programmer, product manager and endurance athlete. By day I am Chief of Technology for a meditation app, and by night I write for your intellectual enjoyment. On weekends I run. Lots.

how to human being is the launch pad for my ideas on What Really Matters: anything from meditation to productivity; mental health to how to run 50 miles.

If you're new here, you could start with my two big picture pieces on why fitness matters and why meditation matters. Maybe you're interested in why I stopped drinking for six months?

I have struggled on and off with an anxiety disorder for several years, and sometimes write about dealing with anxiety. In June 2018, I ran 100km and raised £1200 for the mental health charity, Mind. You can find all my ultra race reports here.

Maybe some day we'll break bread together? Delicious, home-made bread.

Ultimately, how to human being is an exploration of modern wisdom: what it means to live well, and how we can best go about it. If you find value in what you've read, please support this blog.

It is contemplative and ruthlessly holistic, plotting out a way of knowing yourself at the deepest level, and using that understanding to live a life of wisdom, value and joy.

For those looking to sail beyond the tepid waves of mediocrity, for those who want more than to just "get by", for those who want to live excellently, welcome on board!

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