My name is Dan. I am a writer, entrepreneur, software developer and ultrarunner. By day I am cofounder and Head of Engineering at Almanac, and by night I write for your intellectual enjoyment. On weekends I run. Lots.

My writings are strongly shaped by 15 years of insight meditation, 20 years of software development, 10 years of building startups, 7 years of dealing with an anxiety disorder, and 4 years of training in ultra-endurance.

Most of my advice also has a strong contemplative flavour that often returns to our own self-knowledge and awareness as a central theme in our flourishing, or what Aristotle called Eudaimonia.

This blog is the practical and pragmatic arm of my writings, where I share experiments, books and advice that I’ve found useful. My hope is that you leave each post feeling better equipped to face the weight of existence with another arrow or two in your quiver.

Delivery matters, and my goal to share these insights with a wry smile and a keen nose for bullshit whilst retaining an optimism about what each of us can achieve.

Where should I start?

If you're new here, you could start with my two big picture pieces on why meditation matters and why fitness matters. In the early days I also wrote pieces on weight loss and how to become more active.

I like to experiment and play:

I have struggled on and off with an anxiety disorder for several years, and sometimes write about dealing with anxiety. In June 2018, I ran 100km and raised £1200 for the mental health charity, Mind.

Maybe some day we'll break bread together? Delicious, home-made bread.

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