how to human being is an exploration of modern wisdom: what it means to live well, and how we can best go about it.

It's what a productivity system would look like if it had wild sex with esoteric meditation training, and then became best friends with a visionary creative cheating on a Yoga instructor.

We explore the timeless principles that underlie our chaotic lives, covering anything from:

  • Knowing—practising meditation, wisdom and awakening
  • Feeling—cultivating emotional intelligence and equanimity
  • Thinking—using critical thinking, rationality, communicating well
  • Organising—clarifying and focusing your goals and values
  • Eating—returning to the simplicity and joy of nourishing food
  • Training—learning how to move our bodies well
  • Creating—exploring how to channel your creative spark

Contemplative and ruthlessly holistic, we are mapping out a blueprint for the Good Life; a way of knowing yourself at the deepest level, and using that understanding to live a life of wisdom, value and joy.

We explore philosophy—in its original meaning as the love of wisdom—as a launch pad for your own weird and wonderful contribution to Planet Earth.

There are plenty of guides and gurus out there to help you earn millions, maximise your output and master your self. But are you:

  • Tired of just another personal development system, with some meditation tacked on?
  • Want to understand what Enlightenment is actually about, and what it means for you? Whilst still drinking wine and having nice things? You deserve nice things.
  • Looking to fix your diet and fitness so you're able to push yourself and explore without limit?
  • Want to discover your highest point of contribution and unleash your full creative force upon the world?

We focus on careful, curated content for a lifetime of living well.

For those looking to sail beyond the tepid waves of mediocrity, for those who want more than to just "get by", for those who want to live excellently, welcome on board!

In the future we will be offering more in the way content, courses & coaching. Interested? Sign up to be notified when we create new things.